The Coachman Hotel

The Coachman Hotel

Tahoe is awesome.

Fresh air, fresh water, snow, sun, starry skies. I'm coo-coo for Tahoe!

But you know what else makes Tahoe great? So many people love doggies! From shops to restaurants - I can be by my humans' sides all the time. They rarely board me when they go to Tahoe because there are also so many dog-friendly lodging options.

In the South Lake Tahoe area you can go fancy at The Landing and stay right by the lake with spacious rooms. I felt like a pampered pup, here. If you're on a budget and ok with no frills, Basecamp is a fun motel option with a young crowd. Hotel Beckett is another motel option, maybe a wee-bit higher end than Basecamp. It's definitely for a lively crowd as they have DJ on site and people like to linger outside and enjoy the firepits. They do have a pretty good BBQ restaurant, though. It's torture for me smelling that food all the time!

There are a lot of old motels that are being bought and renovated into boutique budget lodging, so this time we decided to try another new place for my "birthday" weekend!

The Coachman is also near Heavenly and so far, I think my fur parents favorite option of the budget-friendly ones.

Firstly, there's no weight limit for furry guests. The only restriction they have is two dogs per room and since I'm an only-pet, I don't have to worry about sharing anything!

Secondly, while it's meant to be an economical lodging option, it's very clean and they don't skimp on everything. There are little details that show they care.

The rooms (or maybe just the dog-friendly ones?) have cement/rubber floors, which is cold for you humans, but I thought was perfect. And while the bathrooms are pretty basic they have heated toilet seats, which my humans thought was a nice feature to have, especially on those cold winter days.

The other nice thing about Coachman, say, compared to Basecamp and Hotel Beckett is that it's away from the main roads so the outside noise isn't as bad. Especially for you pups who like to bark a lot.

When we checked in I even got a special gift; this is my kind of place!

Too bad I'm not a ball dog...

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

So you humans say...And at Coachman it's included. In fact, where you get breakfast is actually also the lobby and bar, and most importantly, dog friendly. Although, please keep your pups leashed inside since the general public is welcome here and not everyone is crazy about dogs, although, how can they not be after they see a furry giant like me?!

It's super cozy in here so you can sit back and relax.

Check in at the Coachman next time you check out South Lake Tahoe!

🐾 Caesar

Quarry up!

Quarry up!

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The Sweeney-est views