You can't miss me

You can't miss me

If you have an IG account and follow pet products, you may have noticed the array of options in dog gear/accessories.

What stood out for me are LED collars.

It's one of those things where it never occurred to me that I wanted one, until I saw all the options.

I live in San Francisco, so most of the time I don't need one because there are always street lights, but sometimes I go running in the evening, in the rain, and sometimes I'm in Tahoe, where it's pitch black at night. I don't mind, but mom gets freaked out. And sometimes I run off ;P

Plus, I'm a sucker for trying new things so we decided to check out a couple of options. One was a fail but the other is one of our favorites:

Fail: Paw Prime

This is actually a fabric (vinyl?) flat buckle collar with the lights built in. It has a small battery pack with a power button that can be pressed 3x for different modes: fast blinking, slow blinking, persistent. They also sell LED leashes, which are essentially the same thing as the collars, material-wise, with the battery pack, and 3 light modes.

I got a large based on sizing recommendations but I guess my neck is furrier than I thought because when I wear it you can barely see the collar, and my fur covers a lot of the light. Plus, the collar seems a bit too narrow. The leash is super short (good thing I'm big!). I think mom used it once and pretty much put it away. She's not a fan of the material even though it's weather-resistant, it feels too rough to the touch. I guess we'll try and use these until the battery dies out so they're not a complete waste.

Next to a standard 6' leash

Next to a standard 6' leash

The other thing that mom finds weird is that these products are from China and are always discounted. They kind of seem like cheap products. When she bought them a few months ago they were running a promo where you could get the collar at a huge discount (almost 50% off) and then the LED leash for free. We just checked the website and that same promo is still running. It also took forever to get the products since they actually shipped from China. Mom actually forgot she bought them until they arrived.

Overall the products are just not impressive, feel cheap, and the battery pack just makes no sense.

WIN: Halo lights

While this is a collar, it can't substitute a normal collar, so even though that means I have to wear one more thing, it's really no big deal, and because it's so well made, it's worth it!

Halo lights is different in that: one, it's made in the US; two, some of the models are waterproof; three, it's customizable, and lastly, it's RECHARGEABLE!

In simple doggie language, this looks like a rubber tube with little lights in it. You cut it to size and then voila! You have yourself a LED collar.

The Halo Lights collar also has 3 settings, and since this sits nicely on top of my fluffy neck (instead of buried in it) the lights are super clear. You can also check out my IG account for more videos.

Setting: slow

Setting: fast

Setting: persistent

The Halo Lights collar is definitely a pricier option (~$40.00) but I think it's worth it to keep me safe, and it'll last a long time. We've only had to charge it once since getting it, and it's so easy to do!

For those who are wondering, I have the HALOLV Blue V.3

I'm becoming a high tech dog!

🐾 Caesar

Let's talk about poop 💩

Let's talk about poop 💩

Running through the Bay

Running through the Bay